Doug Birdwise, Chairman of the CSCN, to interested parties


At the CISC conference call held today, (December 1, 2003) the CISC discussed the proposal from Tim Denton to create a Working Group to address the ENUM issue. The CISC discussed whether a new ad hoc working group should be created or whether the CSCN should address the matter. It was suggested by CRTC staff during the CISC conference call that the CSCN could provide the structure and administrative process for addressing this issue as it is related to NANP numbering even though there are significant non numbering matters and potential government policy issues that also need to be identified, addressed and resolved.

It was noted that the CSCN is open to the public and other non numbering interested parties could attend CSCN meetings to discuss the broader issues. The CISC requested me as CSCN Chair to convene a CSCN conference call to address this matter. Specifically, the CISC is requesting CSCN participants to consider establishing a CSCN TIF to address the ENUM issue, or to advise the CISC if CSCN participants feel that this matter would be better addressed under an Ad Hoc CISC Working Group. I indicated we could provide a response within 2 weeks.

Tim Denton indicated that the ENUM issues are identified in the attached documentation. He also indicated that he expected the ENUM TIF to require work that may last up to two years, with some outputs required in the near term to address the Canadian need for an ENUM registry and whether Canada should participate in the USA LLC registry that is being established in the USA for Country Code 1.

If the CSCN agrees to accept the issue, then we would have to create a TIF identifying the work required to be done and the timeframe for completion.

Based on the discussion at the CISC, and the information contained in the attached documents, the purpose of the TIF would possibly include the following:

1. identify, investigate and consider the issues associated with ENUM

2. determine what is involved in preparing Canada and the Canadian telecom industry for deployment of ENUM capabilities

3. discuss and resolve, if possible, the issues related to ENUM

4. work with and coordinate with other bodies the deployment of ENUM.

I have scheduled a CSCN conference call on Monday next week to consider

this request as follows:

TIME: 1:30 -3:30 pm EST

DATE: 8 December 2003

NUMBER: 613-787-5003 866-274-9428

CODE: 5797174#

Doug Birdwise CSCN Chair


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