This is a resource page for the development of policy and the deployment of ENUM in Canada. 

CISC ENUM WG call-in number has changed to : 613-787-5143  x 7489061#

We are awaiting the consideration by the CRTC of the trial frameworks and the proposed structure to hold the Canadian ENUM trial.

Events in 2006


Report by the chairman of the Canadian Steering Committee on Numbering (CSCN) to the CRTC outlining the various reports to the CRTC on ENUM, of 25 November 2006.

Bernard Turcotte, President of CIRA, announces CIRA's intention to offer infrastructure ENUM to Canadian carriers (August 29, 2006).

See also the minutes for the August 29th ENUM WG teleconference

Notes to the Department of Industry on the Tier 1A document (July 2006)

TIF69 on the creation of a legal framework for a trial

We have succeeded in devising a Canadian trial framework. On May 16th, 2006, the trial framework document was sent to the CRTC for approval. And as of December 1, we are still waiting for something to happen.

Covering note from Doug Birdwise to Claude Brault of the CRTC 

The trial framework document (TIF Report 58)

ENUM Forum Tier 1A Requirements Document

Minutes of the latest CSCN ENUM meetings and teleconferences


Events in 2005

Contribution of Union des Consommateurs du Québec on the ENUM governance structure

Proposal to recharter the IETF Working Group on ENUM (October 21, 2005)

Presentation of Doug Birdwise, Chairman, CSCN, on the state of ENUM to the Technology Advisory Standards Council of Canada, October 2005
The state of CISC discussion on ENUM  is represented in the "Basic Questions for the 
Creation of an ENUM Registry in Canada" document of June 9, 2005.


CIRA contribution on the Structure of Canadian ENUM Industry Governance (April 22, 2005)

CIRA-ENUM Memorandum of Understanding completed

On February 9, 2005, in Washington DC, CIRA and the US ENUM LLC signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) regarding the terms under which CIRA would act, during the trial period, as the Tier 1A registry for ENUM for participating countries in Country Code 1.

Bell contribution of 3 February 2005 on the creation of an ENUM registry in Canada




In Canada, work has proceeded in an industry forum working under the aegis of the CRTC, the federal telecommunications regulator.

CSCN TIF53 A report from the CISC ENUM working group upwards to the CRTC and elsewhere setting forth the working group's agreement to various important questions, including delegation (18 May, 2004). This report was accepted by the full CISC on June 4, 2004, and passed on to the CRTC for action.


The CISC ENUM Working Group  

Its origins and rules are described on this page

TIF (Task Identification Form) Reports of the ENUM working Group

These are the reports we have filed with the CRTC seeking direction or stating that consensus has been achieved.

1. TIF report 45A of September 16, 2004

2. TIF report 40A of 10 May 2004

3. TIF report 54A of 21 October 2005


of the CISC ENUM Committee meetings, and any other relevant Canadian meetings, are found here

Bell Contribution on a Canadian ENUM Trial Framework 18 November 2004

Basic questions for the creation of an ENUM registry in Canada (October 1, 2004) a contribution of CIRA.

report of the CISC ENUM August 18, 2004

The draft report was approved at the meeting of September 16, 2004 and sent to the full CISC for its approval at a meeting to be held on October 15, 2004

Contribution for September 16 meeting

Contributions for May 27 meeting

CIRA contribution on ENUM Industry Structure  (May 2004)

Contributions to the April 7 meeting regarding the Issues and Questions document 

Agenda of the CSCN ENUM committee meeting, Ottawa, Thursday March 11, and the expected participants are listed here.

Presentations from Karen Mulberry, Richard Shockey, Bernard Turcotte and Gary Richenaker

Contributions for or following the March 11 meeting (in addition to presentations above) 

Action document emerging from the March 11 meeting called "CSCN Issues and Questions, 15 March, 2004".

CSCN Issues and Questions, 22 March 2004. The issues and questions were reworked at a telephone meeting and have been sorted into categories. Parties are expected to make contributions on this basis.



Delegation from the ITU

ENUM Administration ad interim - as accepted by Study Group 2, As of May 28, 2004.  They have survived the 60-day review period without comment.

Draft letters to RIPE and to the ENUM Forum LLC group from the Canadian ENUM working group, asking about the costs of handling Canadian NPAs.


Delegation to Country Code 1 (was achieved February 13, 2006)

The CISC ENUM working group has agreed to support the Canadian government's efforts to seek temporary delegation from RIPE-NCC and the ITU-TSB  for a CC1 ENUM trial. 

Here are the documents relating to the request for delegation from the ITU of authority to conduct an trial of ENUM in CC1 (October 5, 2005). 

  1. Letter of support from Michael Binder regarding delegation

  2. Letter from Karen Mulberry to Michael Binder ADM of Industry Canada, soliciting Canadian support for trial delegation

  3. Letter from Ambassador David Gross to Karen Mulberry establishing USG conditions

  4. Memorandum of Understanding between CIRA and the ENUM LLC

  5. ENUM Forum Trial Framework document

  6. Address of the ITU official responsible for delegation, to whom letters of support could be sent

  7. Letter from Ambassador David Gross of the US Department of State to Hulin Zhao, Director of the TSB of the ITU, December 1,2005




Canadian ENUM sites

The official CRTC CISC ENUM site

ITU ENUM websites

ITU website on ENUM

ITU news on ENUM developments


Relevant US Sites

The ENUM Forum

ENUM LLC website

Alternate User Trial Plan August 2006

US ENUM trial MoU 14 March 06

US ENUM waiver request of the FCC 22 March 2006

US ENUM trial block allocation number procedures

ENUM Forum draft operating agreement for the ENUM LLC September, 2004

Framework Document for a US/CC1 ENUM Trials Program

ENUM LLC proposals Sets forth current proposals for the delegation from the ITU of authority over ENUM in the 1 Calling Zone.

Powerpoint presentation of the ENUM LLC Proposals for US ENUM implementation (January 13, 2004)

Current schedule for the CC1 delegation and trial (as of December 20, 2005)

Announcement of the creation of the ENUM LLC, October 27, 2004


Carrier ENUM

US provider ENUM trial announced, May 16, 2006


These hyperlinks lead to the European ETSI discussion of infrastructure ENUM


ENUM conference in Miami June 2005

There was a conference in Miami on June 27 -29, 2005 called the ENUM summit. Several interesting presentations were made there. Here are some of those that were not included in the conference disk.

Presentation of Tom Kershaw, VP Verisign

A short email from Scott Bradner, Chief of Technology for Harvard university and a heavyweight in the IETF, recapitulates his speech.

Reports of ENUM Trials

                Reports page sets out trial reports by country and organization

Organizations Involved in ENUM:

Applicable RFCs

ENUM Reference Material






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